where are you located?

Our beers are produced and sold at the Twelve Percent Beer Project in North Haven, CT.  Brandon Tolbert, Owner & Head Brewer, lives in Richmond, VA and plans to open a Short Throw brick and mortar spot in the near future.  Plans are pending, stay tuned!

Where can I Find your beers?

Our beers can be purchased at the Twelve Percent Beer Project in North Haven, CT.  Additionally, we are distributed in a number of states in limited quantity.  Check with your local bottle shop about our availability.   We do not know specifically where it will be distributed in your area, but if you have additional questions, please email us and we'll assist you the best that we can.

Where's the beef?

We have referred this question to Jeppe at Evil Twin.

Who does your label art?

Excellent question.  Our label art is masterfully executed by Portland, ME native, Ryan Adams.  He is a professional painter and muralist by trade.  "He began emulating the work from his comic books as a child, but when he received his first copy of 'Subway Art', at age 10, his life became consumed by bright colors and bending letter forms."  Indeed.  You can, and we encourage you to, follow him on Instagram: @ryanwritesonthings or visit his website: www.ryanwritesonthings.com  

do you ship your beer?

Unfortunately, we do not ship beer.  We do not have plans to ship in the future.

who's house?

Run's house.

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